GoFundMe Announces Second Season of Empowering Podcast after Successful Pilot

With Second Season, GoFundMe Leans Into Original Content

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform,
launched the second season of its hit podcast, True
Stories of Good People
. As part of GoFundMe’s strategic focus on
original content, the company announced it will be creating and
releasing episodes on a weekly basis for the entire year.

The new cadence of True Stories of Good People allows GoFundMe to
give listeners a weekly behind-the-scenes look at the biggest stories
making headlines through interviews with the inspiring people behind
them. Another addition to the second season will be highlighting the
popular GoFundMe Heroes series. Starting today, a dedicated podcast
episode will be simultaneously released with the monthly GoFundMe Heroes
announcement, bringing to life the story of that month’s Hero along with
tips and tricks for a successful fundraiser and the lessons they learned
along the way.

“At our core, we are a storytelling platform. We are constantly evolving
and building our content strategy to best honor the everyday heroes who
share their stories on GoFundMe and inspire their communities to take
action and help others,” said Raquel Rozas, GoFundMe chief marketing
officer. “A podcast is an intimate form of storytelling, which provides
us with another channel to share the amazing stories that are happening
on our platform and build community with others who are looking to do

True Stories of Good People will also continue to feature stories
of past GoFundMe
, Kid
and other inspiring people using GoFundMe to make a
difference in their community and beyond. Each episode will highlight
the guest’s individual story, inspirations and what drives them toward
their mission of doing good.

“Every day, I am inspired by how many incredible people are coming
together on GoFundMe and making a profound impact on the lives of others
and in their communities,” said Kelsea Little, host of True Stories
of Good People
. “By starting this podcast and shining a spotlight on
the amazing work of these changemakers, I hope to inspire listeners as
well, leaving them feeling good after each episode—in an hour or
less—and looking forward to the next.”

True Stories of Good People will launch with three premiere

  • “Mallory
    Brown: Walking a Mile with Women Around the World”
    : February’s
    GoFundMe Hero was inspired by her own worldwide travels. Based in
    Detroit, Mallory started Walk a Mile, a global marathon for women. The
    goal is to walk a marathon, one mile at a time, with 26 different
    impoverished women around the world to bring awareness and fight for
    women’s economic empowerment.
  • “Liam
    Hannon: Liam’s Lunches of Love”
    : Liam was named a GoFundMe Kid
    Hero for feeding the homeless in his Boston neighborhood. Now, Liam is
    on a mission to build a food truck and create a national movement.
  • “E-Jayy
    & Sherree DeVaughn: From Compton to Harvard”
    : E-Jayy’s
    story is of a young man who overcame the odds while attending school
    in Compton, CA, to achieve a full-ride scholarship to Harvard. After
    his momentous achievement, his mother started a successful
    for him to enjoy the full college experience without
    financial concerns about expenses not covered by his scholarship, such
    as warm clothes or extracurriculars. Now, E-Jayy is paying it forward
    and giving back to his Compton community in hopes to inspire other
    young students.

True Stories of Good People will be available across many popular
streaming services, including iTunes,
and Spotify.

About GoFundMe

Launched in 2010, GoFundMe is the world’s largest free social
fundraising platform, with over $5 billion raised so far. With a
community of more than 50 million donors, GoFundMe is changing the way
the world gives. Find us on Twitter,
and Instagram.

About True Stories of Good People, a podcast by GoFundMe

True Stories of Good People highlights the extraordinary people
behind the powerful stories that have taken place on GoFundMe. Now in
its second season, the podcast celebrates the people who are making a
difference in other people’s lives or have had their lives changed by
someone kind. The podcast is available on iTunes,
and Spotify.

About GoFundMe Heroes

GoFundMe Heroes is a monthly spotlight celebrating the everyday people
who do extraordinary things on GoFundMe. GoFundMe
celebrates those who are using GoFundMe to change their
communities and the world. Going forward, each Hero will also be
featured in a dedicated podcast episode that shares their story.


Lisa Hurwitz

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