Pattern89 Launches Creative Planner

Platform Uses AI to Predict the Best Ad Creative

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#AIlt;/agt;–Pattern89,
which offers a best-in-class artificial intelligence platform to improve
advertising results on Facebook and Instagram, announced today that it
is launching Pattern89 Planner. The new creative planning tool provides
deep analysis of over 2,500 ad dimensions and offers data-backed insight
to inform future ad performance. Using statistically-significant data,
the Pattern89 Planner enables advertisers to build stronger performing
creative to deliver increased revenue.

Advertisers can use the Pattern89 Planner to discover what creative
elements perform best for:

  • Specific campaign objectives
  • Audience segments like retargeting, lookalikes, demographic or
    geographic targeting
  • Channel placement including news feed, Instagram stories, and more

Pattern89 Planner provides real-time data processing, analyzing
marketers’ ads at a granular level to help them develop more effective
campaigns for larger reach and better results. The tool is underpinned
by ARGO, Pattern89’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine, which analyzes
millions of advertiser data points and past ad performance to determine
what ad elements are resonating best with their target audiences
throughout their funnel.

Both agencies and brand marketers are finding success with the Pattern89
Planner because it is completely customizable to each brand’s specific
needs and can analyze thousands of ad dimensions, a small sampling of
which include:

  • Format and Placement

    • Which format is working best — images, carousels or videos?
    • Do Instagram stories outperform Facebook newsfeed?
  • Copy

    • Which headline is generating the strongest engagement?
    • What messaging sentiment is delivering the most impact?
    • What character count performs best?
    • What emojis are resonating?
  • Imagery

    • Are square, portrait or landscape images working best?
    • What colors are resonating for the brand?
    • Do photos with a certain number of faces lead to greater success?
    • Which image tags generate the best results?
  • Video

    • What video length is the sweet spot for a user’s ads?
    • How many scene changes are audiences wanting?
    • What kind of text should a brand include in its video ads?

“The Pattern89 platform is built with advertisers’ needs in mind,” said
R. J. Talyor, founder and CEO of Pattern89. “They have been seeking a
way to determine which creative elements drive the best results —
deeper than what is possible with a tool like Facebook Ads Manager. The
Pattern89 Planner is the solution, enabling them to find the
best-performing creative by audience, placement and channel, and
generate the highest return possible on their social ad investments.”

For more information on the Pattern89 Planner, including a complimentary
14-day trial, visit

About Pattern89

Pattern89 combines the power of AI with unprecedented Facebook and
Instagram advertiser data to help brands discover the ad elements that
most impact paid social performance. By identifying successful patterns
in companies’ social ad data and analyzing results to hone future
campaigns, Pattern89 keeps businesses’ social ads up-to-date and
maximized for performance. For more information, visit


Jessica Mularczyk
JHM Public Relations for Pattern89

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