Bitfoliex Sees Record Surge in New Registrations Amid Integration with Megastore-Chain

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2020 / Bitfoliex is a platform that allows its user to exchange, send or receive cryptocurrencies intuitively. Launched in October 2018, the platform holds and manages more than 1 Million accounts. ‘’Connecting you to the World” – The company aims to onboard non-crypto centric users into its platform with ease, for this, they have made their UI very simple and intuitive.

With its easy to use and simple yet secured platform, Bitfoliex is said to have struck a deal with a megastore-chain. The megastore chain has about 1050 franchises all around South America and Brazil.

‘’With merchants using our platform, we are likely to onboard many more millions of new users. In fact, since our last announcement about this deal, we already have thousands of new user registrations every day” – A senior executive, Bitfoliex.

Something more to the story

As of today the platform currently facilitates only two operations:

· Holding cryptocurrencies with top-notch security

· And also serving financial institutions to manage crypto assets.

It is also gearing up to provide custodial services to institutional clients. This will allow Bitfoliex to expand its market share and cater to a wide variety of clients. The company had announced that it is going to launch OTC trading (Over-the-counter) services soon, and we are waiting for that story to develop as the crisis has slowed down every business process. In addition to its merchant payment system so anyone can accept crypto payments in the world.

A Collective Benefit to the overall crypto Market

Once the vendor integration is done, as said earlier, it will pump millions of users not only to Bitfoliex platform but also to the overall crypto market. These people will have ‘easy exposure’ to Bitcoin, and they would want to learn more about crypto-economics. Like you and us, they may also find the fundamentals of Bitcoin exciting and would want to learn more about other projects.

As this is a historic moment in all of our life, where FIAT is being pumped in the economy, the public is getting robbed out of their own money. This is one of the best times when people learn about Bitcoin and find out that it was made for this very day!

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