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VALDOSTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2020 / Hanna Consulting, founded by Jacob Hanna, helps companies interact with their audience on a personal level to accomplish business goals through engaging content.

Climate change is making it imperative for many Americans to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. In this regard, it is the responsibility of every individual to embrace environmentally friendly energy resources. Here, one of the most effective alternative energy sources is solar energy. Clean, cheap and sustainable! Keeping that in mind, Jacob decided to play his part by connecting the buyers and sellers of sustainable solar energy solutions through his marketing campaigns.

The purpose of Hanna Consulting is based on shared interests of community, social responsibility, and integrity. Their mission is to act as a bridge for people who want solar energy solutions and those who are willing to provide those services. Jacob’s philosophy is that the children of his grandchildren, and so on, should have a healthy and clean environment that he has lived and cherished with his loved ones.

“In today’s world, many homeowners are opting for solar energy as a reliable and eco-friendly alternative source of energy. In our jargon, we call them leads. We started our business specifically for these leads. We connect solar energy companies with leads through effective marketing campaigns”, states Jacob.

Jacob and his company believe in combining the power of business with social responsibility. That is why they are so passionate about this line of work. They are happy to help homeowners save their hard-earned money that would otherwise go to hefty electricity bills. They love to help business owners grow their businesses, which in turn, brings revenue to them, jobs to hard-working Americans, and decreased carbon footprint in the environment.

As of today, Hanna Consulting clients are solar companies working in virtually all states of the US. So far, the team has helped thousands of homeowners connect with solar companies through their marketing campaigns and helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars for homeowners.

“Our usual working day consists of delivering hundreds of leads to our clients which bring them a handsome revenue”, says Jacob, owner of Hanna Consulting.

This small company, which works more like a family, is committed to and shares the vision and goal of the founders. They look after each other and deliver quality work to their clientele. As a testimony to the capability of this team and their hard work, they are able to do everything in-house and never need outsourcing of any kind.

Hundreds of satisfied clients in less than two years testifies to the passion and commitment Jacob and Hanna Consulting have for the professional solar industry. When you can combine any of your passions with the ability to make money and help others, you have hit the jackpot.

Jacob and his company, Hanna Consulting, will be a household name before long.

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Hanna Consulting & Lead Generation LLC
Phone no: 229-300-5830

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