This Self-Made Millionaire Started with Just $500 in His Bank – Now He’s Built A Million-Dollar Business

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2020 / In 2011, eCommerce Founder and CEO Dennis Maglic was making ends meet while working with social media and studying law school. He applied for several jobs but was constantly denied employment, despite his drive and determination. Some time into studying law, Dennis understood that being a lawyer would not be creative enough for him, and deep down, he knew that he wanted to create something of his own and that there was something bigger and better for him just around the corner. With money he had saved from his extra job, he began experimenting with e-commerce.

Dennis has now had sales of over 100 million SEK and received the prestigious award as a gazelle company for two years in a row.

With a small start-up capital and no opportunities for loans or paid coaching, Dennis had to start learning and doing all on his own. He started from scratch by buying goods in small quantities from suppliers in China, photographing them himself, and creating a website with an original and stylish design. His goal was to build a loyal customer base through good service and fast delivery together with social media marketing. By working tirelessly, not giving up, and learning from his mistakes, Dennis has now built a fashion empire that has doubled its sales year after year for almost 10 years.

In 2019, Dennis was noticed by H.R.H. Prince Daniel of Sweden and got to attend his corporate event.

Inspired by his mother, who fled war-torn Bosnia and brought Dennis to Sweden in the early 1990s, he learned that it pays to never stop fighting. His first online store was not a great success, and it was a dilemma to manage customer service, purchasing, quality checking, and a good website all at once – especially for just one person. Then one day, something happened. Dennis posted a bikini on his e-store and set up a Facebook campaign that exploded and resulted in massive sales. It felt like everyone in Sweden had this bikini, and all of a sudden, Dennis had the opportunity to hire staff, expand the range in his store and scale up his advertising.

In 2018 and 2019, Dennis’s company was named a gazelle company in Sweden, and in 2020, Dennis passed 100 million SEK in sales and has now created a dream team with e-commerce specialists. For the first time ever, Dennis is now starting an international mentoring program to help anyone who has big dreams and want to fulfill them. Dennis has made the journey himself from the bottom up, so he knows that it is possible for anyone to succeed. With the knowledge he possesses, his students will have many benefits and be able to build a successful e-commerce business in record time.

Dennis is based in Sweden but lives part-time in Los Angeles as his company is currently expanding to the USA.

No matter how hopeless something feels and what your conditions look like, it is possible to succeed in life. Dennis is living proof of this. For more information, please email

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