Rockstar Nova Makes Shift from Rap to Pop Rock Music

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / December 28, 2020 / A former rap and R&B artist has made a full shift into another genre, introducing his rebirth into the music scene as Rockstar Nova through the launch of his music video for one of his first songs in the rock genre, “i95.”

Formerly known as Novaj Flame, Rockstar Nova has found a new home in the pop and rock category, introducing what he likes to call “Hip Rock,” an alternative spin with a few hints of his past life in rap. Born in Virginia, Rockstar would later move to Philadelphia, a city ruled by the street and rap scene. He started diving into music at the ripe age of twelve. At this time, he discovered his love for music in R&B. At the age of seventeen, he started writing music with his friend Chris Brown, who shares the same hometown of Tappahannock with Rockstar Nova.

The artist opened his music career with his first mixtape entitled “Kick In The Door” when he was only twenty-two. Twenty other mixtapes would follow and make rounds on the music sharing sites and He would collaborate with various artists throughout his journey in rap, including acts like Project Pat, E. Ness, Chip, Fetty Wap, Chedda Da Connect, Tory Lanez, and many others.

But at some point, Rockstar Nova discovered a new love for the rock and pop genre. In the first quarter of 2020, he announced that he would be shifting into that realm of music from that day on. He released his first single early in the year entitled “Toxic Love” under his new name and identity. Other songs would follow as the hip rock musician also published tracks like “4am”, “Dirty Diana”, “i95,” “Animal,” and “Famous.” He also included a few remixes of other songs, including “Come Thru” and “Wake Up Dead.”

As he took on his new path to music greatness, Nova showed music enthusiasts everywhere that he can flourish in any genre. Not many rock stars come out of northern Philadelphia. Rockstar Supernova hopes to give his city that honor. “No one from the North Philly area has ever tried what I am trying,” shares Rockstar Nova. “Everyone is a rapper, I am actually stepping into a new lane and want to show the youth you don’t have to just rap. You can tap into other genres and make it your own. I want to be the first true ‘North Philly Rockstar’.”

Rockstar Nova considers his sound a mix of Post Malone and Lenny Kravitz. He strives to stand out and reinvent music for all music lovers everywhere. Through his new brand, he hopes to show the world that there doesn’t have to be a boundary line between people based on genres. “I strive to be different and be in my own lane in a time when everyone is a follower,” shares Rockstar Nova. “I’m a Rockstarm, but I’m a North Philly Rockstar. And I dress like I’m still from North Philly but with a Rockstar mixed in.”

Rockstar Nova hopes to start performing on big stages pretty soon and show the world how out of the box thinking can level up one’s work and life. To learn more about Rockstar Nova, visit his website and YouTube channel.

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