How This Empowered Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Author & Philanthropist Built a 6-Figure Business Amidst the Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2021 / You probably read a lot of empowering stories. However, this one is worth reading. Aisha Nikole, a world-renowned speaker and author, started from the bottom, just like any self-made entrepreneur with a 6-figure business out there.

On the contrary, the main reason behind her passion for empowering others is not the usual “I simply decided to help others”. It’s her brother’s death. In particular, her brother committed suicide. That’s exactly why Aisha doesn’t want people to go through life feeling hopeless and powerless. Shortly after becoming a life coach, Aisha started the Powerology Institute, which helps people unleash their purpose, power, and potential. Aisha has also written three books about self-help and personal empowerment.

On top of those, Aisha leads a collective called Power25, a sisterhood for women who are interested in developing relationships with other powerful women. Living and raising her children in different countries, Aisha’s experience with other cultures, religions, and ways of life makes her a knowledgeable and passionate life coach. Despite her massive success, Aisha always looks back to where she started. She owes part of her success to her beautiful yet complex childhood.

You see, Aisha grew up with love and some trauma. Her parents divorced when she was young and because of it, she barely had a relationship with her father. Aisha and her dad worked on their relationship in her late 20’s. Aisha believes that her childhood helped her be the woman she is now. She said, “It all had a purpose and I use each experience to help teach and grow.”

Interestingly, Aisha also owes her current success to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, Aisha had several coaching contracts that allowed her to teach her coaching methodology to school systems. When the pandemic hit, she lost those contracts. She had no choice but to change her business strategies. As a result, she created the Aisha Nikole Luxury Collection with her debut luxury fragrance, Aisha Nikole Eau de Parfum. She also released her third book Powerology™: A Self-Teaching Guide on Modern Personal Development.

When asked about what she wants to be known for, Aisha smiled and said, “The fearless powerful woman who taught others how to love themselves and live powerfully, too.”

If there’s one thing we’re sure of in this ever-changing world, it’s this― entrepreneurs and philanthropists like Aisha Nikole will leave a mark on the lives of the people they helped.

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